Cancellation/Deposits -

A $100 deposit is taken at the time of scheduling. This deposit is non refundable. We are willing to transfer deposits with a 48 hour notice.

Consultations -

A consultation prior to booking is not necessary, unless you have work from a previous artist. We schedule more than enough time the day of your actual appointment to discuss your shape, expectations, and color. We put so much content and portfolio work online via instagram, facebook, and the website, that we want our clients to have already made an educated decision about wanting a permanent cosmetic and who they would like to schedule with. There is a $25 consultation fee. If you are scheduling a consultation because you have previous work, we will put that amount toward either removal or getting your eyebrows done, as we are requesting to meet you prior to booking. If you do not have a previous cosmetic, but still choose to do an in person consult prior to booking, the $25 does not go toward your appointment.

*Please note that Laura does not take on clients who have had previous work, however, Danielle does.

Guests -

Please plan on coming to your scheduled appointment by yourself. If you are traveling and need to bring a guest please limit it to one person and no children. Space is limited in the treatment area, and there are often times multiple services going on at once. We try to create a relaxing experience for all of our guests with minimal disruption and distraction. There is seating in the front of the shop store front, and tons of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and bars your guests can keep busy with during your three hour initial appointment. So in other words….Tell them to take a hike! ;)

Follow up appointments-

Permanent makeup is always a two step process. The price you are paying includes your touch up appointment. We schedule those for 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment. If you no call no show your follow up appointment, that appointment is voided. If you need to reschedule your follow up appointment its important to give us as much notice as possible. We will not necessarily be able to get you back on the schedule in a timely manner if we are booked out. Any follow up appointments that come in past 8 weeks may need to pay an additional fee. It is important to us to see your cosmetic freshly healed, to assess and make any necessary changes.