Is Microblading a Tattoo?

Is microblading a tattoo?

The answer is yes. Microblading implants pigment into the skin, therefore it is in fact actually a tattoo. This process is done in a way that sits shallow in the skin to create realistic, fine hair strokes. The reason it has inherited the description of being "semi permanent," is because of the frequency touch ups may be needed due to where the pigment sits in the skin vs. a traditional permanent cosmetic or tattoo. However, ALL permanent cosmetics fade with due time and will need touch ups and freshening of color. 

Although the term "semi permanent," gets used a lot when describing microblading, it is important for consumers to remember that the effects of this procedure can actually last for an extended amount of time. Choose an artist the same way you would when going to get a tattoo. Choose an artist the same way you would when looking for a wedding makeup artist. You research these individuals because you will have to look at a tattoo forever, or your wedding pictures forever. Although permanent cosmetics soften and fade with time, you will be wearing the results of your procedure on your face for an extended time frame. Look at portfolios and choose your artist based on talent, not convenience. 

Lastly, tattoos need to be done in a sterile environment. Typically getting a tattoo out of someones home is frowned upon for this reason. Tattooing is not done in salons and spas because it is not considered to fall under cosmetology or esthetics. There are chemicals, hairsprays, acrylics, hair, all circulating through the air in salons that could also make the environment unsterile. Microblading also does not fall under cosmetology or esthetics. It is a form of permanent cosmetic, or tattooing and should be treated the same as such.