Blush Lips is a form of cosmetic tattooing done by a machine. As with Microblading, Combo Brows, and Powder Brows Blush Lips are a two step process.

Numbing cream is applied to the area for 20 minutes like any other service we offer.  The lips will then be outlined with makeup around your natural shape. Small symmetry adjustments can be made, but this form of tattooing cannot be done outside of the the natural lip line. The skin differs from the lip line to the outside of your lip and will not heal consistently. 


Lips are done in quarter sections and will work from one side of the lip inward. For clients who are looking for a more defined lip line a liner needle is used to outline the lips. Once the liner is complete we will move onto shading the entire lip with a shader needle. A second numb is applied to the area during the process.


Progress pictures are taken to compare results from before your cosmetic tattoo, to your following appointments.

Lips heal 40-60% lighter then the initial tattoo and will look like a sheer wash of color or a stain to enhance your natural lip tone. These will not look like an opaque lipstick. 


The healing process is super quick and the aftercare is very minimal. 

You cannot eat or drink salty or spicy foods for the first 48 hours and will apply Vaseline or a non tinted chapstick to the area as needed. 

They start to peel within the first few days and are healed within the first week. Color may subside the first week after peeling and will resurface as your skin naturally regenerates.  Touch ups are scheduled 4 weeks after your first appointment. 


Everyone’s skin is different and touch ups can be anywhere from 1-3 years. Depending on how saturated the pigment is, what the color choice is, and the clients personal needs, would determine when to schedule your touch up. 

Clients love this service for summer as it’s fast healing with minimal aftercare.

Anyone who is looking to get their lips tattooed and have ever had a cold sore, will need to consult with your Dr about a preventative medication. This will need to be taken two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment and following your procedure.

Tattooing the lips to anyone who has had a cold sore could result in an outbreak and necessary precautions need to be taken prior to your appointment. 

Danielle is running a promo for July and August of $295. This service full price will be $550. You can book online or call the studio to book your appointment.